Who is Saitama in Free Fire “One Punch Knockout”?

Who is Saitama in Free Fire "One Punch Knockout"?

Saitama is the main character of the anime series “One Punch Man”. “Saitama” is a fusion, named after the Japanese province in which the author, one, is resident (noteworthy that the entire Earth in the anime / manga is a mega-continent, which is exactly like Saitama Prefecture).

The character, Saitama, is a self-described “hero-for fun”. A former unsuccessful businessman, Saitama set a three-year course of grueling training to become a superhero, the way he always wanted to be a child.

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After three years of training (which he later revealed that he continues to this day), Saitama gained his most unique traits: first, he lost all his hair due to his intense practice; The second thing is that he has not yet received the power, power unattainable by any other character in the series. Thus even in a world with demons, ancient mythical creatures, and alien invaders, one is left in a dilemma, with Saitama not finding a single enemy that can give him the slightest challenge or thrill of the fight.

In fact, Saitama usually ends a regular fight, no attempt punch (with only two exceptions to this rule – Lord Boros and Garo the Human Monster). Due to her immense power and talent to slay demons, Saitama joins the Hero Association – a world-wide organization of heroes to fight and destroy the global monster crisis. Due to Saitama’s extreme stupidity, however, he failed to remain outside the extremely low rank after failing the written portion of the Nayak exam.

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A key aspect of the series involves Saitama slowly trying to rise up the ranks, but his efforts are often taken full credit for his work by other, higher-ranked heroes. In fact Saitama has raised a negative reputation with the public because it failed to stop the destruction after a meteorite was trimmed into thousands of small fragments, despite the fact that it still saved many that would otherwise have ended Used to go

Even though Saitama struggles to gain recognition among the masses and among other heroes, she is always there to save her donkeys, when he becomes rough, because no other hero in his world has seen his terrible Can not compare power.

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Saitama’s central struggle, his boredom and isolation from reality, becomes his central struggle and main character flaw, and the psychology of his character is very well explored. In many ways he is a perfectly normal man, worrying about finances and how to meet, groceries, and relax for TV and comics, and his fights are a side note because of his life and his importance K becomes more at the ease with which he handles them.

His hero side is absolute fantasy for the audience, a hero so powerful that he easily vanquishes villains capable of destroying the Earth; Yet all other aspects of his life are trustworthy and for the most part normal. This is an interesting duel he has created for the audience here.

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One Punch Man is, at its heart, a comedy / parody action show, but what really makes it great is the superb artwork, thrilling fight scenes, outstanding supporting cast, and incredibly believable hero Saitama.


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